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Four Seasons Garden Furniture in Europe.

The ex pat communities of France, Spain and Portugal are growing year on year. If you live in one of these countries, you will know that good quality garden furniture is very expensive and the choice is limited.  That is why so many foreign property owners are ordering their garden furniture from the UK and having it shipped over to Europe. The shipping cost will obviously add to the overall cost of the order but their is still a significant saving to be made on purchasing locally.

We ship our cast aluminium garden furniture to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Typical transport costs are in the region of £90 to £120 per delivery. The delivery time is normally 4 working days.

If you live in Europe and would like to replace your existing garden furniture with our quality cast aluminium which will last you for many years, why not ask us for a quote to include delivery to your property abroad.  The price will compare very favourably with the cost of buying locally.

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